Production Unit

Production Unit

A sound infrastructure is a key to success for an enterprise, realizing this we have set up a state-of-art manufacturing unit with all the modern facilities that help us manufacture industrial gloves of international standards. The entire production unit is spread across an area of 119,000 square feet having independent sections of the production process like:

Right now, we own two big factories with the following details:

  • Our production facilities are around 92,000 sq. ft. (Factory 1) and 27,000 sq. ft. (Factory 2),
  • We have 250+ seamless machines in 7 and 10-gauge.
  • 25 knitting machines and outsourcing is handled separately,
  • 250 stitching machines,
  • Quilting machines,
  • Seamless dotted plant,
  • Fabric-dotted plant,
  • Calendar machines,
  • Packing machines.
  • 400 skilled workers.

This kind of infrastructural setup clearly shows high levels of specialization that is followed in the production method. The entire production procedure takes place under one roof, another big reason for our success. Our self-sufficiency has been one of the major reasons for positioning us as a leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial gloves.