About Us

It is more than thirty seven years back when we decided to get involved in the Textile industry and started our own business and now we feel pleasure to introduce ourselves that as one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of working gloves of all kinds & styles, such as Interlock, Jersey, Drill, Terry, Hot-Mill, Nylon, and Leather, etc. We produce other textile items such as apron, sleeves,

Quality Assurance

A series of quality control measures, tests, random and sudden inspection and implementation of our quality assurance policies give us confidence to supply top-notch quality products and provide assurance of high quality, competitive pricing and on time delivery of goods to all our customers who enjoy the growth of their business with the products that we supply to them.

Our Customers Relationships

Growing in popularity is the idea of gamifying, or using game design elements and game principles in a non-game environment such as customer service environments. The gamification of customer service environments includes providing elements found in games like rewards and bonus points to customer service representatives as a method of feedback for a job well done.

Our Latest Products

Our mission remain as clear and valid today as it was years ago ensure Super Gloves Industries deliver the dependable Protection Excellent Quality and Exceptional value that our customers have come to demand and expect.

Super Gloves


Whether you’re working with knives or just sharp edged objects, Cut Resistant Gloves are a must have.

CEO Message

Super Gloves is one of the pioneer and leading gloves manufacturing companies of Pakistan. Being an established setup in gloves industry, we provide attractive and extensive variety of quality gloves for industrial, food processing and traditional work purposes.

Our aim is to exceed the customer’s expectations by offering high quality products through best possible resources to ensure safety at work.

Our vision is to create value added products for different fields of work through excellent services and quality of international standards. We make sure for you that it’s a right location for gloves of desirable quality regarding business, construction, cleaning work, industrial and mechanical etc. categories.
Please refer to our Catalogue for more details of products and make your queries, if any. We are hopeful of your positive response.

M. Shahzad
CEO Super Gloves Industries


We believe in sustainable living where more people live close to the nature in permacultures and eco villages. We believe that this change is necessary in order to save our planet. By taking the best out of tribal living and ancient communities and ingredients from our modern way of living we can transcend and be both happier and more productive and at the same time save the world from disaster and endless pollution.